Perfect spots every time!

The Quick-Spot Specimen Dispenser takes the mess out of dried blood spot specimen cards, such as Newborn (PKU) and Pediatric (Lead) Screening Tests.

The Quick-Spot Specimen Dispenser applies the precise volume of specimen required to fill the collection circle on the dried blood spot specimen card
(75µl for Newborn Screen).

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Quick-Spot is used with the Quick-Spot Adapter attached to the specimen collection vial (no-additive MiniCollect 450412).

Each press of the plunger will dispense the exact specimen volume required to perfectly fill the specimen circle.


The repeating feature of Quick-Spot allows you to move quickly through the dispensing process.

The images and video on this page show Quick-Spot being used with a heparinized collector. The current method utilizes a collector with no additive. The "Instructions For Use" and "Literature" pdf's on this page reflect this change. Updated images and video are in process.


Quick-Spot literature

Quick-Spot Instructions

If you would like to view the video on youtube.com - then please click HERE.