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UltraFlo-L Safety Blood Collection Set

UltraFlo-V Safety Blood Collection Needle

UltraFlo-A/T Blood Transfer

Improvacuter® Gel and Clot Activator Tubes

Thank you for your interest in our blood collection products.  Our UltraFlo safety BCS is the same design as the BD Safety-Lok BCS. See the attached for info and a cross reference to BD. We offer you the preferred design and the lowest cost of any safety blood collection/infusion set on the market.

BD Safety-Lok

The BD Safety-Lok remains a very high-volume product because of the design and quality — users have resisted changing to other lower priced products. With BD as the benchmark product, we were very careful to produce a product that was identical in feel, function, and quality. We knew that we needed a safety design that matched BD and also a needle that was smooth and sharp. We have a super-sharp needle cannula that is custom made for us. Third party testing shows that it requires less penetration force than BD’s. Compare to BD Safety-Lok.

Vacutainer Safety Lok

Needle Cannula

Our needle cannula also has an ultra-thin wall to provide a larger inner diameter (while maintaining needle strength). This results in a draw rate that is 200% faster than BD 23G and 60% faster in the 21G. You can also choose to use a 23G instead of 21G for patient comfort without compromising fill time.

Needle Cannula Blood Collection

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Established in 1992, Innovative Med Tech provides safe and cost effective products for blood collection. We develop innovative solutions to challenges in preanalytics and provide a wide selection of products for venous and capillary blood collection.

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